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The Centered Yoga Teacher Training Course lasts three years and allows, after taking the final examination, to obtain the Diploma Centered Yoga Beginners.

The Beginners course in Italian consists of 5 weekends per a year plus 5 days of supervision and evaluation by Dona Holleman in Soiano del Lago for each year. At the end of the third year the 5 days are dedicated to the final examination. The Beginners courses in Italy are held by Patrizia Gregori in Rome and Francesca Petrilli in Milan and the supervision by Dona Holleman.

The Beginners course in English is held by Dona Holleman in Soiano del Lago and consists of two weeks per year for three years.

Graduate teachers of the Centered Yoga Beginner Course who have obtained the Diploma and are teaching Centered Yoga, are obliged to participate annually in refreshment seminars with Dona Holleman or with qualified and authorized teachers, unless they are already attending a follow-up course (Centered Yoga Intermediate and Centered Yoga Advanced)


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