Francesca Petrilli

Francesca Petrilli

ICYA’s Vice-President and Centered Yoga Studio of Francesca Petrilli founder


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Centered Yoga Studio of Francesca Petrilli

   Milan, Italy

   +39 339 379 9638

Francesca Petrilli’s story

In 2000 I started to practic Iyengar yoga at the roman school of teacher Patrizia Gregori. Following Patrizia in her path of study and truth research about the practice of the teacher B.K.S. Iyengar, and thanks to her I come to Dona Holleman in 2008. This encounter will be fundamental for my practice and my life .

2008-2011 I start a Teacher Training Course to get the teacher certificate of Centered Yoga in 2011 and today I still follow and practicing the original spirit of yoga with Dona Holleman.

In 2011 was fonde the International Centered Yoga Association, of wich I am a founding member and now an active member of the Board of Directors.

December 2011 Certified in Centered Yoga Beginners

February 2015 Certified in Centered Yoga Medium Level I

In 2011 I opened the Centered Yoga Studio the first and only school of Centered Yoga in Milan

Centered Yoga Studio offers:

Group lessons
Private lessons by appointment
Weekends and holidays seminars
Centered Yoga Teacher Training Course

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