Luca Ungaro

Luca Ungaro

Aikido, Centered Yoga, meditazione e Kinorenma teacher


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Luca Ungaro’s story

Luca Ungaro is born in Rome in 1976, Centered Yoga teacher, Master IV Aikido Aikkai, Master IV Dan laido CIK
He encounters Yoga techniques and meditation as early as 1998, practicing Za Zen (sitting meditation) together with Aikido and Iaido (Japanese sword) in Rome’s Dojo Aikizen no Kai with Master Dionino Giangrande. From 2002 he becomes familiar with and practices Pranayama (breathing), Pratyahara (control of the senses) and Raja Yoga techniques (Yoga Samyama), with Kinorenma (cultivation of vital energy) of Master Hiroshi Tada, the world’s leading authority on Aikido, of whom he becomes direct pupil.
Feeling the need to stabilize his Aikido and superior Yoga techniques assimilated with Za Zen and Kinorenma on a solid physical and bodily basis, from 2008 he begins the practice of Hata Yoga with Master Patrizia Gregori, diploma in Iyengar Yoga and Centered Yoga, in her studio Yoga Dhyana in Rome. Thanks to her he has the privilege to approach the Yoga of Master B.K.S. Iyengar, improved in the interpretation of the Centered Yoga method by Master Dona Holleman, one of his first direct pupils.
Through his institutional studies in Oriental Languages and Civilizations and in Japanese Language and Translation at Rome’s University La Sapienza, he is able further his knowledge of Oriental culture and philosophy, enriching it with the study of the milestone texts of Classic Yoga, Buddhism and Tantrism as well as with various sojourns in Japan and India. He begins teaching Aikido in 2012 and founds an association with his pupils in 2014. All the while, he deepens his studies on integrating disciplines end perfects himself in Hata Yoga following the three-year teacher’s training program of the International Centered Yoga Association according to the principles of Dona Holleman’s Centered Yoga Method – he obtains his diploma in 2018.
Currently, he oversees education in his Aikido school and gives private and group lessons and seminars on Centered Yoga, meditation and Kinorenma to his pupils.

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