Patrizia Gregori

Patrizia Gregori

ICYA President and Centered Yoga Studio Dhyana founder


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Patrizia Gregori’s story

She began yoga at the Iyengar School in 1991 when she started her intense practice with Sandra Bertana and Maura Sorrentino. She attended summer seminars in France with Faeq Biria, leading teacher of Iyengar method.

In 1994 she met Gabriella Giubilaro and followed her classes for eight years, attending the training course that ended in 2000 achieving the first level degree by Iyengar in India. In 2002 she got the second level and the third level in 2005. She attended seminars held by Iyengar’s teachers from the American school, as Patricia Walden and John Schumacher. Back from her first trip to India, she opened the Studio Yoga Dhyana in Rome, and joined the ‘Light on Yoga Italy’ Association. Patrizia took part in seminars and lectures in Rome with Grazia Melloni and through her she knew Martine Le Chenic.

Noticing a difference between the texts of her teacher and the teaching practices bearing his name, she turned to his first students, including Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten. For two years she attended their summer seminars on the island of Lesbos.

In 2008 a significant and fruitful meeting with Dona Holleman took place. She attended the Teacher Training Course and graduated in 2011.

In February 2011 she promoted the establishment of the International Centered Yoga Association, headed by Dona Holleman, where she is the vice president.

Today the Studio Yoga Dhyana has become the first school of Centered Yoga in Rome where Patrizia runs Teacher Training Courses under the supervision of Dona Holleman.

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