Stefano Federici

Stefano Federici

Centered Yoga teacher


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   Rome, Italy

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Stefano Federici’s story

While my studies and work experiences have been in the business management field, I have always developed my interest in Eastern philosophies and in mind-body, man-nature bonds.

It is in this spirit that, in 2007, I began yoga and discovered its physical aspects.

In 2009, I joined Patrizia Gregori’s Dhyana Yoga Studio where I followed a more comprehensive and conscious path permitting me to better understand the deeper aspects of yoga.

After meeting Dona Holleman and seeing her passion for yoga and her unique approach, with the Centered Method, in 2012 I decided to enroll in courses to become a yoga instructor – for beginners – and concluded these studies in 2015.

I am continuing my training with Dona Holleman, to qualify to teach the next level, Medium I.

I currently teach in Patrizia Gregori’s studio and, since 2015, I am also the Vice-President of the Association.

In addition, I offer private lessons at my home.

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