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Tara Engeran

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Tara Engeran’s story

I was drawn into the world of Yoga and Healing through a love of movement as a young girl; starting ballet lessons at the age of two, and watching my mother in amazement as she would twist, chant and sing with Kundalini Yoga, planted the seeds from the beginning for me.

My mother had two sun houses to grow her herbs and she would make healing tinctures.  Knowing you can heal yourself and take care of yourself was a lesson from my parents and many of the wise grandmothers I had in my life.

Learning the yoga postures and the breathings became a way for me to feel the calm when I lived Manhattan at the age of eighteen, and I was studying Textile design at FIT.  I practiced Iyengar system and learned meditation from a Buddhist group in my building. It was a wonderful experience. Eventually, I realized I did not need to be in a room to practice or for that matter with a certain group of people; I could feel the higher frequencies in Nature and in my own space.

I moved back to New Orleans when I was twenty.  I continued to practice yoga and completed a double degree in Biology and Sociology- with a minor in creative writing. Bringing the healing together with my art, homeopathy, energy healing, biology and yoga has been very important to me – and in doing it in a creative way to help others makes it all the better.

I began to teach yoga in the mid 90’s and raise a family with three lovely children.  Studying with Dona and teaching have been a part my life for some time now.

I began to study Dona Holleman’s books in 1998 and fell in love with her teachings and her zen … modern approach.  She taught me through the years to practice with a lightness in the body and to move from your center/Hara with the gravity.  This movement also helps to awaken the Light Body and to open a clear path for openness in the physical and energetic body.

In 2014, a serious auto accident had me begin to practice a little differently, yet always the Vital Principles are brought into my practice because they help you to feel the Lightness in the body with awareness.  Creating an inner glow through your system with this breathing, help one to open in so many ways to the possibilities of life, love and healing.

This light creates Harmony for our cells and this open us to renewing and restoring our body.  The Love and Joy we can create while practicing on the mat becomes integrated into

the Love we take into our everyday.  Life becomes our “mat practice”  of Joie de Vivre.

October  2019 , I am poised to open a Yoga Studio in New Orleans and completing a doctorate in Holistic Health/Metaphysics. I am so happy to share with the community here Dona’s teachings.

We will offer a variety of classes using the Centered Yoga Method.

I will also offer courses sharing the special breathings, guided mediations, and energy healing classes.

Do you want become a Centered Yoga Teacher?