Viktorija Voolfson

Viktorija Voolfson

Centered Yoga teacher


   Stockholm, Sweden


Viktorija Voolfson’s story

I primarily owe my yoga knowledge to Dona Holleman. Her books, her intelligent understanding of yoga practice and her freedom are inspirational for me.

I am a sportive person and have loved to move and train my physical body in one form or another since childhood. I encountered many yoga teachers, but Dona proved to be the one for me.

I began the international teacher-training course in 2016, and in 2019 earned my beginner-level Teachers Diploma of the Centered Yoga Method.

From 2019 I have started Medium I Level training.

Aside from yoga, I train in the Japanese martial art of Aikido with its complementary emphasis on hara (center) as the hidden source of power of our energy body.

I am fascinated by the anatomical structure of the human body and its capacities to move with ease, grace, lightness and poise, using the breath. I love beauty in simplicity – but in order to get to simple we need to master complicated. This is where the focus of my yoga lies.

Yoga is for health, energy and beauty.

I am based in Sweden and teach small groups at my home in Stockholm.

Please consult my home page for more info.

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